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Tarpon Bay Yacht Club

A 55+ active adult boating community on Kitching Cove

Welcome to New tbyc'ers!


Tarpon Bay Yacht Club is a unique community where you can quickly feel at home among friends. Explore these pages to discover the several ways you can meet your new neighbors. We invite you to join us at our social events and participate in our activities. Attend board or committee meetings to learn how our Property Owner's Association (POA) works. Let us know your interests and expertise if you would like to volunteer. There are plenty of ways you'd be welcome to participate. Scroll down for some helpful tips. 

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Items of Interest to TBYC'ers

AT&T Services for TBYC


TBYC has special program with AT&T.

New Orders, Billing Issues, Upgrades:

AT&T Bulk Account Call Center 


Monday - Friday 8 am - 8 pm


Enjoyment Coupon Book

Florida Treasure Coast ENJOYMENT Coupon Book has lots of twofers and 50% discounts, including to ClubMed at Sandpiper Bay. Support TBYC and buy a copy from Ted Humphrey.

WiFi at the Clubhouse


Free WiFi  is available at the Pool & Clubhouse. Just look for the TBYC access point and enter the resident password.  Contact the Office at 772-335-8600  for the password. 

Burgee Logo Embroidery


Get YOUR hat, shirt, visor or other items embroidered with the TBYC  burgee logo. Take your items to Burns Embroidery, 1970 Bayshore Blvd. in  Port Saint Lucie. 

Embroidery cost is $8 per item. They also have blank hats, shirts, visors and other items for sale that can be embroidered with our logo.

Single Stream Recycling

TBYC Recycling

Several TBYC buildings have recycle bins next to the trash dumpster. With Single Stream Recycling, you don't need to sort glass, plastic, paper and metal. Just collect your clean, empty items together and dump them into the recycle bin. Do not enclose them in plastic trash bags.  Flatten boxes to make more room for more items. 

What's not recyclable? Plastic bags, styrofoam, shipping peanuts, shredded paper and food waste. 

TBYC Discount


BJ's Wholesale Club is a membership-only retail chain similar to Sam's Club and Costco. Bulk groceries, electronics and more are sold in a warehouse-like space, and there's an Optical Dept., BJ's Gas, and a Tire Center.  If you'd like to get the special TBYC discounted membership rate, call Lesa Cardin at 321-223-3516 or email her at lcardin@bjs.com.

Compressed Air for Tires


Did you know that you can inflate your car and bike tires at TBYC?

The air pump is located in the parking lot of the TBYC Office, to the left of the entrance.

HO-6 Condo Insurance


Ask your agent if you have this important coverage. Should a special assessment ever be necessary to pay for hurricane or other covered damage to our common property, you could be reimbursed for up to $2,000.

Vanity Plates for Sale

Tarpon Bay Yacht Club vanity plate

Buy a plate for the front of your car and let folks know you're proud to be a TBYC'er. They cost just $5 each. Purchase at the Office.